"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" One Win Away From The Cup, Kings Fever Is Spreading

by Alex Gilman · June 5, 2012

Maybe this is just a blip on the radar of the L.A. sports scene, a temporary bout with puck madness for a town that's usually purple-and-gold first, blue-and-white second and everything else a distant third. But nobody's talking about Kobe's knee or Matt Kemp's hamstring this week. No, for one week, at least, L.A. is rallying around a team that hasn't lost a road game since the playoffs started, a team that seems to represent the passion and dreams of the whole city, and not just the movie stars with courtside seats. A hockey team. With a 4-0 thrashing of the New Jersey Devils last night, your L.A. Kings are one win away from their first championship ever. And even if the whole natural order re-sets itself after Wednesday, you really ought to enjoy this ride.

[Instagram via @sirfrancealot, @this_is_fogey, @jayflats]