"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Political Partying + Drinking Liberally At The Hammer Museum's Super Tuesday Bash

by Alex Gilman · March 8, 2012

Super Tuesday! If the phrase makes you picture cartoon heroes, leaping tall buildings and rescuing the innocent from danger, then you clearly haven't been paying too much attention to this year's Republican Primaries. Innocent people don't give millions to SuperPACs, after all, and lord knows Newt Gingrich has never leapt over a tall anything in his life. In fact, with apologies to our three, maybe four Republican readers, the sorry state of these Primaries (and to be fair, electoral politics in general) really puts you in the mood to just get drunk. Luckily for all, the Hammer Museum in Westwood agrees, which is why they hosted a Super Tuesday party. Drink every time someone says "Obamacare!"

[All photos courtesy of the Hammer Museum]