"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Reggie Bush & Shaun Phillips Make DJ Debut At Wilmer Valderrama's 32nd Birthday Bash

by Alex Gilman · February 3, 2012

Unfortunately for Reggie Bush, the Miami Dolphins are not going to the playoffs this year. It's not Reggie's fault; he had his best ever NFL season and proved his viability as an every-down back. Nor is it linebacker (and friend of Party Baby) Shaun Phillips' fault that the Chargers didn't make it; both teams had bigger problems. But regardless, they need a hobby for a few months, and it looks like they found it in DJ'ing, as their newly formed Black House Junkies crew took center stage at Greystone Manor last night, where they guest DJ'ed Wilmer Valderrama's 32nd birthday party. Let's see how they did!

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