"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Spicing Up A Charity Event

by Emily Green · August 17, 2010

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Who says charity events need to be conservative? Things got pretty scandalous this weekend at the Ink 'n' Undies fundraiser for UnderShare, Inc. at the Ecco Ultra Lounge. The wealth of unorthodox, even X-rated, customs, including a lingerie "fashion show" modeled by none other than the SuicideGirls, an abundance of tats and piercings, religious figures, and a Pauly Shore appearance were all part of this larger benevolent effort.  Keep reading to see what goes down when charity fundraisers get spicy...

These ladies upped the naughty factor with some astronaut's wife hairdo's.

Check out that ink! Hotness...

Ever seen a fashion show with these moves? Turning the runway into striptease stage is a sure-fire way to get folks digging deep for the cause.

A bit of soft-core girl-on-girl goes a long way and will make bank for your fundraiser.

Guys, maybe leave your lady at home that night if you plan on hitting on the "models."

Having a priest there reminds people that all this sinful behavior is absolved since it's in the name of charity. No guilt necessary.

Ladies, you might get some inspiration and want to prove you can be naughty, too!

One disclaimer should you decide to spice things up at your next charity event: there's a more than likely chance Pauly Shore will show up, regardless of whether he was invited.