"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Steve Aoki Goes To College

by Emily Green · September 2, 2010

Steve Aoki

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Monday night, Steve Aoki embarked on his college tour with his first stop at renowned party school parents can tell themselves will still give their kids a great education, the University of Wisconsin. You might be thinking, "so what? I've seen him so many times that we're on a first name basis," but this is kind of like the coolest thing to happen to Madison since a Walgreens WITH a pharmacy opened on campus. See how the kids of UW expressed their midwest excitement for the arrival of our L.A. DJ...

Once this kid bought his beer before walking into the auditorium, he was so overcome with emotion because it finally started to feel real.

Girls display a moment of tenderness, embracing each other as if to say, "we're here, it's really happening."


Aww, look at that! They dressed up just for Aoki, making their most sincere attempt at the party child raver look with man tanks and wigs. How sweet is that?!


But these ones stayed true to their frat-tastic selves and kept it real. They're confident in their bro-ish ways and don't need to dress up to prove anything to anyone.


But these two win most raver spirit.  Sweat, no more than 25% of body coverage, intimate physical contact, sloppy but not bellige, and I believe I see a neon leopard print in there.  They kind of nailed it.