"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Switch Throws Down Heavy, Cher Lloyd Lightens It Up @ Dim Mak Tuesdays

by Alex Gilman · May 16, 2012

My friends and I have been having an argument lately over whether salt or pepper is the more essential condiment. My friends and I are not exactly the coolest people in the world, but hear me out. While there are plenty of reasons why one might argue for one or the other, in actually, it's the diversity of flavor added when you combine them that really make for the complete experience. Likewise, while Dim Mak Studios last night featured both an early Cher Lloyd showcase set, and then went on to a Dim Mak Tuesdays lineup featuring heavy hitting house DJ Switch, it was the combination of the two that made it an evening to remember.

Cher Lloyd [via], Switch [via]