"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Great Disneyland Goth Invasion

by Alex Gilman · May 12, 2011

Did you feel a cold, dark wind coming from the direction of Anaheim last weekend? Did you perhaps even attempt to go to Disneyland, only to get scared away by several rotund men in all black with multiple facial piercings? Well, don't be alarmed- you just stumbled onto Bats Day In The Fun Park, Southern California's largest, only, and most inexplicably named goth/industrial/deathrock Disneyland meet-up. Glad we could clear that up!

As you can see from the group photo, Bats Day is kind of a big deal, with an estimated 5,000 dressed-in-black individuals participating this year. This year marked the lucky 13th annual event, which has ballooned into a full weekend with parties, ticketed dinners, and of course, merch.

And while you might initially think that Disney would discourage a large group of people obsessed with death from congregating in their park, Bats Day attendees, judging by the photos, seem to find their happy faces for this magical weekend and have a pretty great time. And as we all know, the only color The Mouse cares about is green.

In case you've ever wondered if you can bring a gas mask into Disneyland, the answer seems to be "yes." This might actually come in useful if you get stuck on the monorail with the 400-lb guy from Arkansas in the tank top.

Soul sisters.

Goofy and Pluto.

In Space, no one can hear you sigh.

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