"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Ongoing Madness Of Diamond Dogs

by Alex Gilman · June 1, 2012

We tell you guys again and again that Diamond Dogs redefines "crazy", but we're not sure you're listening. In your defense, how could you fully understand? This is the city, after all, where a casual stroll through West Hollywood at high noon might bring you face-to-face with crazy flamboyance that would make Rush Limbaugh choke on his morning Oxycontin pills. So it stands to reason that you think you've already seen it all. But trust me, until you hit up Bardot's weekly Thursday night rager, you're just playing in the minor leagues. For proof, check out these snapshots from last night's Prince Poppycock performance, as well as last week's general lunacy. And we'll see you next week?

[Instagram via @ajtweets, @mynxiiwhite, @smashleywalters]