"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Summerland Tour Brings A Heavy Dose Of '90s Nostalgia To The Greek

by Alex Gilman · July 3, 2012

Quick, name your favorite band from 1997. Don't lie, or try to pretend that it was Radiohead or someone respectable– yes, you liked them, but the band you really loved was Everclear, or Sugar Ray, or maybe even Lit. And that's fine, by the way. Being vaguely embarrassed about our past choices is what keeps us, as a society, relatively humble. It's also what fuels the demand and ticket sales for the Summerland tour, a '90s nostalgia-rock cash machine that passed through the Greek Theatre last weekend, leaving a hyped crowd of now-20-somethings singing along to every word.

[Instagram via @runawaykat, @caitswagga, @slidebar]