"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Worst Kept Secret Of The Weekend: Neon Indian At Purple Lounge

by Emily Green · September 20, 2010

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Friday Night, critically acclaimed chillwave up-and-coming band Neon Indian gave a "secret" live performance at The Standard Hollywood's Purple Lounge.  The concert took over the small space filled with fans and music aficionados for the intimate gathering. But judging by the diversity amongst the guests from seemingly disparate scenes, the show was evidently the worst kept secret of the weekend, drawing members from all different social circles together all in the name of music.

Guys who wear pleather leggings.

Fratty bros.

Boxed water enthusiasts.

Camera-toting hipsters.

People of the ironic nerd-chic persuasion.

OC girls who wear bikini tops instead of bras and dress for the beach no matter what.