"Best 2k I Ever Spent" The Yearbook With DJ Mom Jeans

by SARAH MANDATO · August 4, 2009

[Photos via Cobrasnake]. NYC Prep is on tonight. Even if you catch the show at 2 a.m. while eating cheetos and who knows what else, it is undeniably a little absurd that these little ones are so watchable. Although, a lot more happens on the show than, say, an episode of The Hills. That's pretty much just a half hour of she-Pratt (take your pick) looking confused. Well, we can't get enough of these hs-ers, either, much like our shameless reality t.v. addiction. DJ Mom Jeans is amazing (name alone) as he inspires some priceless pics, so we're giving you the party yearbook these kids will flip through, someday. Take a glimpse at the scribblings. Matthew and Peter now summer in the Hamptons, where they practice fist pumping and refer to themselves in the third person. Peter gained a bit of notoriety by his third marriage to Danielle, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Carly and Paula stayed dear friends, eventually founding a popular yoga studio focusing on variations of Downward Dog. Their wait list for registration is three years.

Ashley made a smart sum selling her own "intimates" clothing line, complete with clever snaps, zippers, buttons and velcro as means of undress. The best seller was the zipper jumpsuit, which the wearer (or a friend) can remove in 1.4 seconds.

Kelly joined the circus as one of those people who can fit a fist in her mouth, among other inanimate objects such as large melons.

Voted "hottest couple."

Mary actually turned out to be part mermaid, and really saved Sea World as the main attraction following PETA's national "Free the Fish" campaign, which successfully released all captive animals. Unfortunately, several of the poor creatures died in transit, the result of poisoning from red paint fumes from cans stored close to the holding tanks. Idiots.

Cate and Shannon were always close. Unfortunately for them, when Missy (left) decided she was their long lost sister, things got a little sticky. Let's just say "single white female."

John never looked at Jennifer after that night. Driven to make him eat his heart out, she became an American Apparel model. When he came crawling back almost a decade later (having seen her billboard while driving to work), they rekindled that magic night and lived happily ever after.

This is actually a clip from the graduation video, where everyone feels compelled to hug and make sappy faces. Friends forever!

Best. DJ. Name. Ever.

After the coach saw this picture in a parent bulletin and recruited them, Jessica and Noreen both became successful basketball players. Noreen (right) single handedly revived the WMBA by replicating Brandi Chastain's shirt ripping off move from the '99 World Cup in soccer. Everyone just loves that sh-t.

Mom Jeans played tunes for the HS crowd until he realized his true calling...he is now principal at his local Prep School.