"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Thomas Jane & Rhys Coiro Party With Silver Lake Hipsters

by Emily Green · September 9, 2010

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One of the joys, or at least points of intrigue, of living in this town is the reality that running into your favorite movie/TV stars any time you leave the house is totally plausible. But when two of HBO's stars turned up last week at Silver Lake/Echo Park's stanky, smokey jazz club, Dinner House M (or M bar), overrun by the local hipster constituent during the wee hours, we couldn't help but be amused.

Thomas Jane and Rhys Coiro (who plays reformed director Billy Walsh on "Entourage"), who both happen to have hit primetime shows airing on HBO at the moment, partied with the best of the the eastside indies in the sweaty, carpeted, no-holds-barred, unsuspecting relic of the 80s into the early morning.

Also of note were the actors' fashion statements: a sometimes napping, Coiro channeled Gilligan/Hunter Thompson while Jane sported a button-down in a pink floral print strikingly similar to the one on my pajama boxers from the GAP circa 2001 as he puffed on his cigar. See how your Sunday night HBO stars ditched the Hollywood scene and proved they can hang with the Silver Lake nouveau-hippies...