"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Trying Out New Looks At Nightswim

by guestofaguest · June 3, 2011

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If you take away one thing from reading our party and fashion write-ups, it's probably this simple core message: fashion is hard. If more people were naturally able to effortlessly look and dress in a way that made them attractive, comfortable and popular, the world would be a very different place. And Christian Audigier would be homeless instead of yachting on the S.S. DateRape with Jon Gosselin. That's why our hippest young pioneers use intimate gatherings like Nightswim to debut and fine-tune their new looks, before they are considered "runway-ready."

The Side Turban

Like its ideological cousin, the Side Ponytail, the Side Turban is a move so advanced that some question if it can be pulled off at all. But in fashion, anything can be pulled off. Which isn't to say that it's working here. Basically, this is a look for anyone who has always wanted to be a gypsy, but who wants to be a little bit different from all those other, conformist gypsies. Bonus points for using what seems to be a New Mexico souvenir poncho for the head wrap, also. We're getting advanced already!

The Half-Bieber

The problem with men's hairstyles are that there aren't naturally a lot of options. Short, long, curly, straight: we're mostly only allowed to paint with a pretty big brush. Mohawks and such are fun, but they're also specifically associated with certain styles, which makes it harder to mix and match them with, in this example, Col. Sanders' bowtie and a children's medium leather jacket. Luckily, our buddy here has some inspiration, in the form of a large, powerful swoop of hair blitzkrieg'ing his forehead like they were fighting the Battle of Sedan. I'm calling this the half-Bieber because although it has Biebs' trademark "resting on top of the head" swoop thing going on, you can also see where the hair connects to the head, a big no-no for the full on Biebs.

The Itsy-Bitsy

Let's go ahead and call this what it is: a full-fledged, completely developed, capital-L Look. While not everyone may agree with this guy's choice of suit, it is undeniably bold, completely original, and best of all functionally suited for the event at hand. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, this guy is an American fashion hero. Polka-dot Speedos for everyone!!!

The Fuzzy Wuzzy

Short of wearing an all-out gorilla costume to a party (which I fully, fully support), this is the closest your average partygoer can get to being a human stuffed animal. Not only is it a great conversation opener ("you're so soft!"), but it really goes with everything. I wouldn't exactly recommend jumping in the pool, but otherwise, you're golden. Kudos.