"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Tyler The Creator Tweets Us Through Paid Dues Festival, 140 Insane Characters At A Time

by Alex Gilman · April 9, 2012

In his meteoric rise to fame over the last four years, 21-year-old Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator has made a habit of doing or saying pretty much whatever borderline-insane shit pops into his head, from bum-rushing the stage and getting choke slammed at a Gucci Mane show to responding to Canadian indie rockers Tegan & Sara's thoughtful, well-developed criticism of his lyrical content with a single tweet. Whether or not you approve of his particular brand of lunacy, he's bigger than ever, as evidenced by this Cobrasnake gallery of his Odd Future collective's headlining gig at the Paid Dues Festival this weekend in San Bernardino.

So let's take a look at Tyler's day hanging with Mark and the Cobrasnake gang, with the insight that only Tyler's personal Twitter can offer.

[all photos via The Cobrasnake]