"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Unleashing The Beast At Animal Tuesdays

by Alex Gilman · March 24, 2011

Maybe it's because the shitty weather has me stuck inside all week watching basic cable, or maybe it was just reading about Paz De La Huerta's latest savage drunken assault, but for whatever reason, I'm thinking about wild animals this morning. The natural grace, the instinct, the dangerous beauty: it all reminds me of those majestic specimens I encounter every night out on the town here in L.A. Luckily, one venue had the common sense to make this connection explicit, and we were there to get the shots. Let's see how Animal Tuesdays measure up to a rainy night on the couch with Animal Planet HD.

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On a swan, the preen gland, which produces the oil that the swan uses to groom himself, is located at the base of the tail. On the modern sleeveless clubgoer, the preen gland is located at the base of the bicep, and can be replenished through flexing or kissing one's own bicep. Additional oil can always, of course, be obtained by running a hand through one's own hair.

Majestic manes? Mean mugs? These pretty young things clearly fancy themselves the lions of the nightclub scene. But you know what other animals display long, flowing hair and "don't eff with me" faces? That's right, the adorable Yorkshire Terrier. Does mommy's widdle baby want another Pabst Blue Ribbon? Yes he does!!

Once a thriving part of the ecosystem, there are now fewer than 200 California Condors living in the wild. The same is true of people who are willing to dress like 80's goth-industrial-rockers in public. Which one do you think will make a comeback first?

When a Hyena or similar scavenger animal locates a dead body, it brings it back to the pack so that all can feed. We're not sure where our friend here found her meal on the dance floor, but her pack won't be going hungry tonight!