"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" VICE & Chateau Marmont, Together At Last For The L.A. Launch Party

by Alex Gilman · December 13, 2011

Even if you've never been to a party at Chateau Marmont, you've surely heard the stories. Led Zeppelin riding motorcycles through the lobby, Belushi turning Bungalow 3 into a 24-hour celebrity coke den (and of course, eventually getting carried out on a gurney), and a thousand other stories of excess, heartbreak, and pure insanity. It's only appropriate that ever-popular alt-media powerhouse VICE, which is on the verge of breaking into L.A. with several branded movie and TV-show deals, would insist on not throwing their "VICE Kills Hollywood" celebration anywhere but Chateau.

And if there's weird guys, celebrities, babes and booze, you can bet The Cobrasnake was on hand to document the madness.

[all photos by Steven Meiers via]