"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" When An Inland Empire Tattoo Shop Goes Out In A Limo...

by Emily Green · November 3, 2010

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We've covered how L.A. did up Halloween this weekend ad nauseam, but have you seen how they do it in the oft-neglected 909?  We got a little taste when Roman Abrego and his Inland Empire Artistic Element Tattoo shop crew from Yucaipa piled into a limo on Saturday for a night on the town...

Obviously it had to be a stretch hummer limo. A white one.

They handled the booze situation like pros: Jaeger, Stella, Corona, Patron, red Solo cups, and plenty of ice.

We're going to assume they dressed up as 80s hair band rockers and pretend like it didn't cross our minds that this could be their day-to-day look.

This look entails eyeliner so they made sure to bring a girl who could do touch-ups.

A pit stop at am/pm for a sexy photo shoot was necessary.

And Jell-O shots had to be involved somehow.

We could stand to learn a thing or two from them about drinking Jaeger straight from the bottle like champs.

A standard nip-slip and mooning. Perfectly healthy, perfectly normal.

The remnants of a once glorious blunt that is definitely past its prime.

Maybe we rage differently than the 909, but at the end of the day--or in this case, night--we're all human and manifest our drunken exhaustion after a night of partying with our heads in our hands and passing out on our friends.