"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Who's Balling Out At The Clip Show?

by Alex Gilman · November 16, 2010

L.A. is the center of the entertainment universe, where the aspiring celebrity has a hundred different options of where to be seen on any given night. But sometimes, you just have to escape the oppressive glare of the spotlight. That's why I spent Monday night at the Clippers (NOT Lakers) game. Sure, I could have been raiding the Mondrian minibar with David Arquette or going back to Bardot to creep on high schoolers. Instead, I tossed glamor to the wayside to see just what kind of humans attend a Monday night powerhouse matchup of last-place teams. Even Jack Nicholson gets bored on a Monday sometimes, right? Well, if he does, he certainly doesn't show up to Clippers-Nets. But these guys do!

Fans In Stands

I guess if we squint, we can pretend he's Ricky Gervais with a mullet! At least he looks like he's having fun, so maybe we've got it all wrong!

Maybe this is a great basketball game with all the superficial gloss of a Lake Show stripped away—the kind of game that's only for the true fans and... oh wait, this guy (at right) is completely asleep.

[Photo at left via insidesocal.com]

Clipper Darrell

But every Clipper game has one saving grace, and that's Clipper Darrell, the eternally optimistic red-and-blue suited Clippers superfan and quite possibly the last True Believer:

"U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly," CLAP CLAP, "You ugly!"

Darrell really chanted those words whenever the Nets were shooting free throws. No word on whether or not he does the same chant while renewing his season tickets.