"Best $2k I Ever Spent" Who's Balling Out At The Clip Show, Part II

by Alex Gilman · February 29, 2012

The last time I reported on the crowd at a Clippers game, the Clippers were a much different team. Those Clippers finished with a 32-50 record and were primarily characterized by their historically unpopular owner heckling his own overweight, apathetic "star" player. Now? The Clip Show is the hottest ticket in town, featuring two of the biggest stars in the league (Mo Williams and Caron Butler, obviously) and three spots ahead of Kobe & The Kobettes in the Western Conference standings. But has all this success changed the notoriously sparse, bizarre Clippers crowd? I hit up the Clips-Timberwolves game last night to find out.

[Billy Crystal, Kate Upton via]