"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Why Paul Oakenfold At Greystone Proves It's All About The DJ

by Alex Gilman · June 22, 2012

What really counts as a "big event" anymore? It's a fair question; there's so much competition amongst the plethora of overblown Hollywood nightspots that every random Wednesday night ends up looking like the party they're going to throw at the USC Kappa Sig house the day they legalize roofies. So in order to take a weekday club night to the next level, you really only have two choices: get a team of midgets to sit in the Stanley Cup, or get a world-famous DJ like Paul Oakenfold to spin your Thursday. Greystone Manor chose the latter last night, and while we still prefer the Stanley Cup one, we are willing to accept this.

[via @JonPlechaty, @nerandhas, @ash_danielle_]