"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Wiz & Snoop Bring Their Blaze & Blunt Music Fest Campaign To West Palm Beach

by Alex Gilman · May 4, 2012

It must be hard to be Wiz Khalifa. Don't get me wrong, I'd trade places (if not wives) with you in a heartbeat, but people often make the mistake of confusing a good life with an easy life. Not me, Wiz. I realize how hard it is to grind out show after show over a long, hot summer, how nervous you must be having to share a stage every night with Snoop Dogg, the original and greatest weed rapper of all time, and what courage it takes to roll up blunt after blunt, even knowing that 5-0 is eternally waiting to harsh your buzz. That's why I salute you, Wiz, for putting aside your latest legal hassle, hitting the stage in West Palm Beach last night alongside Tha Doggfather, and putting on a hell of a show at Sunfest 2012. If these photos are any indication, you haven't missed a step.

[Instagram via @t_dro@realwizkhalifa, @shits_weak]