Steve Aoki, Michael Woods & More Rock The 8th Annual Post-Coachella Party At Dim Mak

by Alex Gilman · April 25, 2012

We know we're the wrong people to be delivering this message, but it's rapidly approaching the time that we're all going to have to let Coachella go. You can continue to treasure your experiences, but after a week or two nobody really wants to hear your story about how your Ecstasy trip peaked at the top of the Ferris wheel right when Gotye hit that high note. Sorry! The good news is, there are wonderful local traditions like Steve Aoki's annual post-Coachella rager at Dim Mak Studios to help reintegrate you into society by giving you a healthy combination of things that are the same as they are at Coachella, and things that are different. We'll explain.

[all photos via The Cobrasnake]