"Worst $2k I Ever Spent!" Footage Of Amy Winehouse's Historic Concert Trainwreck

by Alex Gilman · June 20, 2011

Even for an industry where excessive partying is practically a prerequisite to success, Amy Winehouse has spent most of her career serving as a gigantic cautionary tale about the perils of fame, or at least the perils of freebasing cocaine. Despite being gifted with an unforgettable voice that even my mom likes, it seems like various unspecified "issues" have kept Amy out of the studio since releasing Back To Black in 2006. That was all supposed to change though- with her abusive and enabling husband behind bars, Amy had just completed a 12-week rehab and was set to kick off a new European tour in Belgrade over the weekend. So how did that go? Well, how does "worst concert in the history of Belgrade" strike you?

According to Belgrade fans in attendance, the possibility of a "vintage" trainwreck Amy Winehouse performance was in play from the moment she took the stage with an enthusiastic, "Hello, Athens!" And from there, it was down the rabbit hole, as she stumbled around the stage, took off her shoes for some reason, and needed the backup singer to hold her upright. Watch:

This, despite her management explicitly banning booze from being anywhere near the tour.

It's all quite sad, and makes you wonder just how low she has to sink before someone can declare her a danger to herself and commit her to some sort of program, whether or not she wants to go. I guess until that happens, you're probably going to want to refrain from paying money to see her live.

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