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Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff

Who would've thought that at one point two hot chicks would fight over...Aaron Carter? We're sure you had to rack your brain a little bit to remember Hilary Duff. Luckily, you didn't have to think too far back to remember Aaron Carter (given his current legal woes) and Lindsay Lohan (for the same...wait, she actually doesn't have any current legal woes right now, does she?). But we digress. There was some overlap between Aaron's romances with these two ladies, and instead of getting mad at Aaron for being a sleazebag, they got mad at each other. Lindsay and Hilary fought back at each other by showing face at each others' red carpets. Lindsay was also asked on TRL (wow this really was a long time ago!) if she wanted to confess anything, and she facetiously claimed, "I love you, Hilary Duff!" She also continued to poke fun at Hilary during her stint on SNL. Hilary clearly didn't want anything to do with the situation and would not back down from turning the other cheek. Wow, bitch, really? You're not above making Cheaper By the Dozen 2 or Agent Cody Banks but you're above getting down and dirty with Lindsay Lohan? 

Also shout out to Lindsay Lohan for saying she's above drama. Rule number one of being a trainwreck is saying you're above drama. And rule number two is to always try to weasel your way out of being petty while making yourself come across as innocent. I know this because I'm also a trainwreck

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