Enjoy Your Weekend With This Amazing Jon Hamm Esquire UK Photoshoot

by Alex Gilman · March 30, 2012

    There's no point in sugarcoating it: it's been a rough week here at GofG L.A. headquarters. We've been sick, tired, busy and stressed out. By the time we heard about the Beerathon getting cancelled, nobody could blame us for wanting to try to lie down in the middle of Wilshire. But then, just when things are at their bleakest, you get something like this amazing Jon Hamm photoshoot from Esquire UK. I take it all back, you guys. Life is awesome.

    Check out the full spread, which features other gems like Jon chugging hot sauce, as well as this oh-so-amazing quote about being called "sexy":

    "At 41 I’m like, give me a break, man, I’m no Ryan Gosling. And that’s fine. I don’t aspire to be that. That’s not my jam."

    Jon Hamm, every time you open your mouth or pose for a photo, you become even more awesome. You're like the reverse James Franco. We love you.

    And Esquire, we've had our differences in the past, but you did some great work here. Hats off to photographer Peggy Sirota, in particular. We're just feeling very positive overall, all of a sudden.

    Happy weekend everyone!

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