A Celebration Of Local Arts At The Silver Lake Jubilee

by guestofaguest · May 24, 2010

    This weekend, families, seniors and hipsters came out for the two-day Silver Lake Jubilee, a festival of local arts including live music, food, and crafts.  With two stages set up on either end of the grounds, attendees had a chance to see bands perform live while sampling delicious offerings such as dumplings, ice cream and tacos. Rather than selling from stands or tents, most of the food vending was conducted in true L.A. fashion from food trucks.

    Over 40 food vendors and more than 60 local crafts vendors participated throughout the two days, giving visitors plenty to explore and try.  Guests packed the grounds both days, but unlike most music fests in which people come out to get wasted and party, the Jubilee was more civilized and calm, even described as reminiscent of the local farmers market. How lovely. Not your typical summer music fest. Hopefully no one went looking to rage --they would have been terribly disappointing to find yuppies wearing Baby Bjorns, organic produce stands and drinking relegated to the fenced off beer gardens.

    [All photos by Zach Behrens and Elise Thompson for LAist]