A Look Inside The Refine Mixers and Blo Bar Event At Equinox West Hollywood

by guestofaguest · March 30, 2012

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    Beauty and health go hand in hand. People who take care of themselves look better, feel better, and carry a confidence that helps them succeed at whatever they attempt. Therefore, it was only natural that chic fitness hotspot Equinox West Hollywood, the W Hollywood's resident hairstylists at Blo Bar and Refine low-calorie mixers would team up for an evening of complete beautification, both inside and out.

    Hosted by "Queen Of The Quarter-Life Crisis" Jamie Stone, the event promised to provide "an evening of cardio, coifing and cocktails," and all three were in healthy supply. While sipping on low-calorie honey tangerine margaritas and kiwi cosmopolitans, a diverse mix of Angelenos enjoyed free blowouts, DJ music, and fitness tips from Equinox's always impressive trainers.

    The lesson, as always, is that health isn't something that ends when you leave the gym, and it's certainly not something that should feel like a chore. And with businesses like these offering you the chance to enjoy delicious healthy cocktails, exercise your mind and body, and, of course, "get your hair did", there's no reason why you wouldn't want to stay healthy, and happy, for the rest of your life.