Alchemie Spa Pampers Partygoers At Their Mix & Mingle Launch Party

by guestofaguest · August 28, 2012

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    While we obviously love a wild party as much as anybody, we have to admit that concerts, dance parties and things of that nature can get downright exhausting. And honestly, it's kind of a shame that you sometimes have to feel like you're choosing between your social life and your mental and physical health. Maybe the secret appeal of the spa party, like last week's Mix & Mingle Launch Party at the newly-opened Alchemie Spa on Main Street in Santa Monica, is that it's the rare social gathering that you'll leave feeling better than you did when you came in.

    So what separates Alchemie from the pack of upscale spas competing for business in a place like Santa Monica? Well, for starters, their commitment to organic, natural products and procedures means that eco-friendly Santa Monicans don't have to stress about doing damage to the environment (or, for that matter, to their own skin or body) with unnatural chemicals and treatments. This philosophy was prominently on display at the Mix & Mingle Party, where guests enjoyed natural mini-facials, signature massages and Alchemie's full apothecary, where natural treatments, lotions, and remedies were whipped up from scratch by the knowledgeable staff.

    Guests also enjoyed snacks catered by neighboring hotspot M Street Cafe/Stella Rossa Pizza Bar, plus drinks, healthy "spa-tinis", and giveaways and raffles for neighborhood businesses. In order for a local spa to truly be an oasis of relaxation in the midst of busy modern life, it's got to feel like part of the community, and on that front as well, Alchemie fully delivers.

    Everyone knows that the ladies of Santa Monica are smart, sophisticated, and only willing to patronize establishments that provide truly superior experiences. Based on the turnout and the smiling faces that were everywhere to be seen at the Mix & Mingle Party, Alchemie Spa will be a Main Street mainstay for years to come.