Art Crowd Clusters At gGallery Returns For Another Salon-Style Art Party

by guestofaguest · August 1, 2012

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    Now in its second week, the new gGallery weekly event that blends together hand-selected fine art, live music, and boozing, known as Art Crowd Clusters returned once more to bring Santa Monica another lively Friday night art show.

    Emmy-winner producer Gabor Csupo, responsible for animated series' such as "Rugrats," "The Simpsons" and "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" to name a few, once again opened the doors to his own gGallery art gallery Friday night for the second installment of Art Crowd Clusters. The gallery is unlike any other, featuring Csupo's personal eclectic collection of pieces from over 25 different artists of different media and genres, spanning contemporary works from today's emerging artists to pop culture masters like Warhol.

    Each Friday, guests are invited to join Csupo at his gallery for his Art Crowd Clusters event where they can view his stunning and truly one-of-a-kind collection. But unlike most art shows, which—let's get really real for a second—tend to be on the dry side with an even drier bar selection, this is meant to be one not just about the works and artists, but about the evening experience. Instead of being a stop on your way to bigger and better things as is usually the case with art parties, Art Crowd Clusters is the destination, open 'til midnight where you're invited to stay and enjoy the place over drinks from the ample selection of wines, cocktails and more at the bar for a salon-style social event.  To top it all off, the party series has a live music component with performances from both new and recurring talents, with last week's featuring opener Julia Othmer, followed by Nostalghia for the main act.

    Yes, art parties can be a little stale, but as we've seen with gGallery's Art Crowd Clusters, they don't have to be, so consider hitting the next one this Friday to spice up your weekend with a party that offers you plenty of culture without any pretense.