Bikes & Booze At Powerplant Choppers' Melrose Block Party

by SOPHIE GREEN · July 9, 2010

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    Bikes (the kind that roar) and plaid were in full-force last night on Melrose between Vista and Martel at the block party hosted by Powerplant Choppers to celebrate the opening of their new store.

    The bike shop is known for its Powerplant Treatment, a customization to make bikes extra special. But not in a "Pimp My Ride," plasmas in rear-view mirrors, fridges in seats, kind of way. The Melrose outpost has a loyal following of Hollywood-types like Scott Caan with a passion for bikes. You might have even seen their work before, as they took part in the "Chopper Challenge" on CMT, building the lauded GEICO Chopper.

    The Prized "GEICO Caveman" Chopper

    The party showcased the Powerplant's exceptional craft with a lineup of their raddest models for people to admire as they enjoyed the plentiful supply of booze and live music. To further welcome their friends and neighbors on the Melrose drag, shop's new digs were open to those who wanted a glimpse of where all the magic happens.