BlackBerry & Xomad Kick Off "The BBM Lounge" Event Series

by Emily Green · August 9, 2010

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    Truth be told, all of us here in the GofG L.A. office have BlackBerries and always wished we had iPhones.  However, having the RIM device proved to be a huge advantage at  The "BBM Lounge" Party on Saturday at Siren Studios. The first of the new monthly party presented by Xomad, guests were encouraged to use BlackBerry Messenger for express service and access to the night.

    In a town where every club and event promises to be different from the rest but almost never is, generating some intrigue for your party amongst club kids who started going out at 17 to places where Steve Aoki and AM used to spin can be challenging. So to pique the interest of a jaded L.A. crowd, Xomad relied on mystique, withholding the location and details of the event until the day before.

    VIP invitees were sent the photo (via BBM, naturally) that functioned as their ticket to entry, a system that was used throughout the night for easy access to the party's amenities. An image of gold, glittery "VIP" sign sent to your phone got you into the VIP lounge, but more importantly, use of the VIP bathrooms (everyone else had to use the luxury porta potties). Another got you free valet parking, something that even L.A.'s most jaded genuinely appreciate.

    The party featured everything from open bar and a huge dance floor to free hair styling (because getting your hair cut at a party really classy, right?) and went until 5am, NYC style.  But The BBM Lounge late night event will be different from month to month, with a new location, set of DJs, crowd and size (Xenii, anyone?) each time.  The next installment of the new nightlife series will be held mid-Septemberish, so hang on to your BlackBerry, and anyone with a job, rest up, because although we don't know if you'll be able to get your hair did, we have a sneaking suspicion it will definitely be another all-night rager.