Celebrating Life Beyond The Mailroom: William Morris Agency Alumni Party

by Emily Green · August 16, 2011

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    They say everyone has to start somewhere and pay their dues before they can move up in the professional food chain. For Hollywood agencies, that initial stage means a coveted spot in the trainee program sorting through mail. But there's life beyond the infamous mailroom, where, after abandoning and then steadily regaining one's ego and self-worth, these talent agency underlings go on to have successful careers that do not entail dry cleaning and coffee runs, just like the guests who attended the William Morris Agency Alumni party on Saturday night.

    Even before the big 2009 merger of William Morris and Endeavor that rocked the entertainment industry, WMA was a leading industry agency that consistently boasted a fresh crop of young lackies to whip into shape and train to be the next generation of men and women who run Hollywood. In the spirit of nostalgia and celebrating their graduation from underling status, over 300 came together at the Sofitel's Stone Rose Lounge in West Hollywood Saturday night for the WMA Alumni Party.  There, guests enjoyed a night of cocktails, DJ tunes, reminiscing their humble beginnings, and more cocktails.

    The crowd of sharp young professionals seemed to have a lot to smile about as they shared stories over drinks around he lounge's fire pits. Congrats to the WMA alumni on their success. And to our friends currently working the mailroom: hang in there, it gets better. We have the photos of the smiling faces from this Saturday night gathering to prove it.