Celebrating The Art Of Sustainability With Adrian Grenier At The 2nd Annual SHFT Pop-Up Gallery & Shop

by Alex Gilman · October 21, 2011

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    If the word "sustainability" conjures images in your head of bare bones design, aesthetic corner-cutting or function over form, then you're exactly the kind of person Adrian Grenier is trying to reach. Last night, Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer, who are collaborating on eco-makeover series 'Alter Eco,' brought their vision of environmental consciousness as an artistic imperative to 161 S. La Brea Ave, where the 2nd Annual Pop-Up Gallery & Shop for their SHFT project kicked off with an opening night celebration of superior sustainable art and design.

    Peter Glatzer

    As both Grenier and Glatzer noted, this year's event, sponsored by solar energy provider Sungevity, was not designed to push the concept of "environmentalism," but rather to reflect that conscious respect for our environment is no longer a fringe or separate concept from everyday creative life. To that end, the show, curated by the SHFT co-founders and Edie Kahula Pereira, presented over 30 works of environmentally sound art and design from names like Vanessa Prager, Melodie McDaniel, Jeremy & Claire Weiss and MB Boissonnault.  While sipping cocktails and sampling hors d'ouvres, guests browsed through the items available for purchase, including sustainably-sourced hardwood Arbor skateboards, biodegrabable bicycles, solar-powered sound systems, and recycled furniture.

    To hear Grenier and Glatzer discuss it, our planet is reaching a point where sustainability is a necessity, making the mission of SHFT not only smart, but crucial. If this means a future full of art and design as clever, engaging and enjoyable as this, it's a mission we can all get behind.

    Adrian Grenier, Peter Glatzer

    Adrian Grenier

    Adrian Grenier, Peter Glatzer