Dia De Los Muertos At El Carmen: Why Can't We Have More?

by Emily Green · November 3, 2010

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    ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! Si, mis chiquitos, last night, one of our favorite margarita spots, El Carmen, hosted a celebration of Mexico's 'Dia De Los Muertos', giving everyone an excuse to paint their faces again even though Halloween's over and drink tequila.

    The south of the border-style fiesta included food and drink specials, a live mariachi band, and lots of margaritas and Tecate. The restaurant was filled with guests who took part in the festivities by painting their faces and and stuffing themselves with chips, salsa, and tacos.  This got us asking why there can't be more days like Dia De Los Muertos where we face paint, and enjoy tacos and tequila in excess. So, we came up with some new possible holidays that pertain to the L.A. populace for which we could do the same thing: Dia De Los Struggling Actors, Dia De Los Non-contributors, and Dia De Los Beverly Hills Cougars. Now, donde esta mi tequila shot, vato?