DJ Jazzy Jeff Shuts It Down At The AFEX Pre-Grammy Party

by guestofaguest · February 11, 2011

    DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kid Capri

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    [Top photo by D-Nice via] Rather than rolling out the red carpet like many Hollywood Grammy parties, Afex's pre-awards show celebration kept it real last night as it does every week, with real people, real music, and a special treat in the form of hip hop star-cum-turntablist DJ Jazzy Jeff showing off his post-"Parents Just Don't Understand" skills.

    AFEX's pre-Grammy party proved all you need is your Old English 40 oz. to freedom in a brown paper bag and some throwback jams for a great time. Last night at Crane's Hollywood Tavern DJ JAYCEEOH, DJ D-Nice, and DJ Adam 12 brought the crowd back some decades with classic hip hop sets, complemented by the freshest prince, DJ Jazzy Jeff, whose legendary skills came through on the turntables. He mixed the old school with the new and completely killed it on the decks.

    AFEX guests were so overcome with emotion that they took to Twitter to pronounce their love to the world in 140 characters or less:

    @djdnice: My man @djjazzyjeff215 is on fire! This is the best party of the year! Straight classics! #AFEX.

    @JAYCEEOH: Afex was slammin tonight ... well done fellas @djjazzyjeff215 @djdnice @kidcapri101 @djadam12

    @djjazzyjeff215: Great day wit the Grammys...Great night wit @kidcapri101 @djdnice @djadam12 @JAYCEEOH at Afex...2morrow Vangaurd wit @Duplaix @djmars404

    and finally:

    @bombai: that's how you start a grammy weekend. @djadam12 @djjazzyjeff215

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