DJ Steve Aoki And Tristan Wilds Do Dim Mak Tuesdays

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 2, 2010

    dj steve aoki, tristan wilds

    DJ Steve Aoki and "90210's" Tristan Wilds threw down when they went to Cinespace for "Dim Mak Tuesday" on February 23rd, and banged their heads to the sounds of Dan Black, and Taylor Locke & the Roughs.

    It's obvious Dim Mak parties are great parties (see below). But Steve Aoki and his crew do a lot more than that. They have their own blog that's surprisingly insightful, their own record company (aptly titled, "Dim Mak Records"), and "Dim Mak TV." And, of course, all you martial arts enthusiasts out there won't let us forget about the "Dim Mak," which is a technique that when used correctly, can kill someone by applying a little pressure on the body's most sensitive areas. But let's hope none of these people experienced that kind of wrath.

    [all photos via The Cobra Snake]