FaceHunter Night Takes Over Space 15 Twenty

by Emily Green · October 18, 2011


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    The ever-versatile Space 15 Twenty we've seen used for everything from movie screenings to intimate live music performances, served as the ideal venue for a photography exhibition and party Friday evening. The cause? FaceHunter Night, an event celebrating renowned shutterbug Yvan Rodic, better know as Face Hunter, who's gained international notoriety and acclaim for his specialty in documenting street style, fashions, and the cultures from which they emerge all over the world.

    More than just a street style photographer, Rodic's adoration and growing following attests to his special brand of imagery as a cultural explorer, or "blog-trotter", posting photos from his international travels on his wildly popular visual diary, FaceHunter. Have a look if you haven't been and you'll experience the addictive nature of his photos as you scroll through his seemingly endless archives and ask yourself where and how you can get the effortlessly amazing fashions worn by his subjects. Just mind the clock because it's very easy to get sucked in and wonder where that hour just went.

    Making use of Space 15 Twenty's courtyard, Face Hunter Night hosted by Rodic featured his body of works titled "Eye Candy for the Style Hungry", a series of his signature portraits of individual characters that embody the essence of their native cultures and trends. Guests of the evening  got to view the works over drinks, music courtesy of AJ English manning the turntables, and even a whirl on the dance floor with the man of the hour who made sure everyone who wanted one got a turn.

    He may not remember, but I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Face Hunter one night and this certainly seems to be consistent with his playful and unafraid-to-grab-a-stranger-by-hand-and-twirl-them demeanor. In addition to being a talented photographer, perhaps it's this exact quality that can be attributed to his success as Face Hunter, able to snap whoever, whenever, no matter where his is in the world.

    [Rodic is currently shooting a FaceHunter holiday campaign that will feature influencers from across the globe to be seen in over 40 countries.]

    Jae Joseph, Yvan Rodic

    Andrea Nicole James, Chanice Brown, Louie Sandajan

    Yvan Rodic, Andrea Nicole James

    Yvan Rodic