GofG L.A.'s 'Clueless' Screening At Umami Burger

by Emily Green · August 19, 2010

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    "I know it sounds mental, but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than I do when I go out partying." Oh, word, Cher! Our screening of Clueless on Tuesday night at Umami Burger's Dinner and a Movie was a lovely change of pace from the typical happy hour or routine night out. With so few opportunities to be social at the end of the day without going to a bar or club, an outdoor Clueless screening over dinner and cocktails proved to be an ideal solution.

    It was the perfect night to sit outside under the stars in the warm evening air watching one of the classics of the 90s.  A post-workday crowd of our friends and readers headed over to the Space 15 Twenty courtyard after clocking out for drinks, Umami's delicious burgers, and some healthy nostalgia for Cher's adventures in Beverly Hills as a virgin who can't drive.  Most who came out count the film as a staple of their childhood and adolescence when they finally started to pick up on most of its jokes. Umami's patio was packed with guests, who couldn't help but recite lines of the film they know by heart as they pounded burgers (we felt like such heifers!) and gave a resounding round of applause as the lyrics to "Tenderness" prompted the end credits.

    Thanks to all who came out to party with the Haitians, our friend Steven Meiers for designing the awesome flyer we used to lure you all in (check out his blog!), and the good people at Umami Burger for making the night possible. More GofG L.A. events are coming up very soon so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for them!