Halloween With 'Teach Me How To Chucky' Downtown

by Emily Green · November 1, 2010

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    It's never too cold for a rooftop party here, even if it's the one weekend of the year that every girl cashes in her free pass to dress in her skimpiest without being labeled a slut. That's why the rooftop of The Standard Downtown was filled with costume-wearing Angelenos for Mad Decent and Dance Right's 'Teach Me How To Chucky' Friday night Halloween party.

    The bash boasted a lineup of DJ sets from some Mad Decent's own roster like Paul Devro, plus others including Nadastrom and Munchi. Some of the night's costume highlights were a great Lady Gaga (the "Telephone" video version), a bloody Tippi Hedren being attacked by crows from Hitchcock's The Birds, and couple that got a little cheeky with political issues as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Incidentally, the shindig wins for best party name of the weekend so congrats, Mad Decent and Dance Right.