Hard 13 At Club Nokia Brings Raccoon Hats Back

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 16, 2010

    Hard 13 with Fake Blood, Jack Beats, Boy 8 Bit and DJ DESTRUCTO might as well have incited a riot at Club Nokia on Saturday, because...well, look.

    Nothing was safe. Ripped tights, emo glasses, Daniel Boone raccoon hats, neon bouncy balls and Gaga-esque (guy)eyeliner were all inescapable, and quite frankly, these pictures are pepping us up a bit. There's a study somewhere that says if you smile when you feel sad, you can actually make yourself feel happier -- so looking at these pictures of sweaty youths, raving with panda hats on their heads should pull us out of our Tuesday grippe. (Update: they do.) So if you're feeling a bit worn and torn right now, glance through these. It'll be just like you forced a smile across that pretty face of yours.

    [images via laweekly]