Hayla Takes Over West Hollywood With Midnight Performance At The Factory

by Alex Gilman · April 23, 2012

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    Every country in the world has their own pop stars, but only a rare and special few can take it to the next level and conquer an American market already saturated in homegrown talent. With an electrifying debut performance at DJ Casey Alva's birthday party at West Hollywood's Hype at The Factory/Ultra Suede, it seems that Israeli pop sensation Hayla is poised to become dance music's next crossover star.

    Taking the stage around midnight to a packed crowd of revelers, Hayla proved her chops as a crowd-energizing performer with a small but electric set of her hits, including her Billboard Dance Top 20 breakup anthem "I'm Free" and new bilingual English/Spanish single "Paulina." A born performer, Hayla demonstrated her singing, dancing and instrumental chops, finishing up a fully choreographed stage set by playing her signature instrument, a Swarovski Crystal-encrusted Middle-Eastern Doumbek drum.

    After the show, Hayla had reason to celebrate, and she posed happily for photos with promoter Woody Woodbeck and birthday boy DJ Casey Alva against the backdrop of a crowd her songs had elevated to the next level. It's never wise to guarantee that someone is going to be The Next Big Superstar, but based on the crowd in West Hollywood this weekend, it wouldn't be wise to bet against Hayla.