Hermès: The Pixie Dust To Any Fashion Party

by Zoe Brunn · November 8, 2010

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    The Elyse Walker boutique celebrated their internet debut last week with fashion props, an Hermès trunk show, and some glossy haired guests.

    Elyse Walker, the much loved high-end boutique for those who can afford it toasted the launch of its online store last week. Launch parties are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, but this event tried to keep it interesting with some unusual luxuries and attractions for the style-conscious crowd. In addition to the customary cocktails and mingling, festivities included an Hermès Trunk Show, because why not throw in some Hermès to sweeten the deal? That's why including the French brand has the same power as a sprinkling of fairy dust to brighten the allure of any fashion event.

    In addition to a lovely spread of Hermès, there was also a photo booth complete with designer earmuffs, fingerless gloves, and even an ostrich feather hat--all necessities of the L.A. wardrobe--for guests' entertainment. The group of shiny, heeled, and polished attendees enjoyed browsing the chic merchandise, taking photo booth pictures with the props, and probably looking at themselves in the mirror since you always look like a million bucks in whatever you try on while shopping with a buzz.