Hollywood Kicks Off The 10th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival

by Emily Green · April 15, 2010

    Andi MacDowellLast night marked the first night of the 10th Annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival. Pause - Beverly Hills has its own film festival? Yes, just like it has its own police department, 'Times' magazine, and mayor.

    Kicking off last night, the festival lasts until Sunday (odd time to have a film festival seeing as L.A. will have migrated to Indio for the weekend, but whatever), and presents 50 somewhat-independent films. The festival was founded by independent filmmaker Nino Simone (not to be confused with jazz singer Nina Simone), and designed to showcase and promote non-studio films.  It's website also declares its purpose to,

    "bridge the world of premiere independent cinema with the renowned community of Beverly Hills"

    (a.k.a. the Museum of Plastic Surgery).   For opening night, the festival screened As Good As Dead starring Andi MacDowell and Cary Elwes, Jesse's Story and the Brazilian Sequestro. The films were shown at the Clarity Theater and followed by an after party at The Roosevelt Hotel.

    Billy ZaneRainey Qualley Billy Zane, Rainey Qualley

    Scott RosaCarla Ortiz Scott Rosa, Carla Ortiz

    Natasha Gudegast, Christian Gudegast Ben Pollack Natasha Gudegast, Christian Gudegast, Ben Pollack

    Norman Lesperance, Dave Cobert, Elliott Branch Jr., Christopher Purdy Norman Lesperance, Dave Cobert, Elliott Branch Jr., Christopher Purdy

    Robert M. Rey, Hayley ReyMatt Dallas Robert M. Rey, Hayley Rey, Matt Dallas

    Jocelyn OsorioJesse Bilauer, Mark Jacobs Jocelyn Osorio, Jesse Bilauer, Mark Jacobs

    [Photos via zimbio]