How To Get People To A Sale: A Lesson From Hurley

by guestofaguest · November 16, 2010

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    This weekend, Hurley graced what Kris Jenner once told her 1/4 Armenian grandson was "his homeland", otherwise known as Glendale, for a holiday collection sale. Despite this less than ideal climate for shopping, the event was a success and we think we know why. See how the pop-up phenomenon, ironic hipster brands, cream puffs and alcohol were the keys to Hurley's fruitful stop in Glendale.

    1. The Pop-Up Shop

    Why pay an expensive monthly rent for retail space in a prime location when you can just occupy it temporarily to move your select merchandise? In this day and age, commitment is a four-letter word and the pop-up shop's lack of permanency gives shoppers a sense of urgency to be there now. Unlike a retail store, a pop-up shop is a special limited-time opportunity and puts pressure on shoppers to make it there before it's too late.

    2. Collaborations With Ironic Brands Hipsters Like

    Hurley played their cards right (much like Opening Ceremony) by collaborating with the old American wool line, Pendleton.  Until recently, the line was reserved for naturalist-types of the granola persuasion but found its way into the wardrobes of hipsters with ambitions of irony and slowly percolated onto the fringes of mainstream. The Hurley-Pendleton collabo was a genius maneuver in attracting the style-conscious less extreme hipster demographic and beyond.

    3. Beard Papa Cream Puffs

    Need we say more? We would take one of their cream puffs over a doughnut or cupcake any day of the week. If you've had one, you understand why, and if not, just trust us and go get yourself one, pronto.

    4. Alcohol & Cardboard Signs Advertising It

    One of the oldest methods of getting folks to loosen their wallets and take the edge off is through booze. If it's there in a social setting, few can resist and the "why not?" mentality generally prevails. Plus, who doesn't appreciate a strapping young man holding a a homemade cardboard sign advertising beer?