Inside Glow's "Evil Loves To Party" Halloween

by guestofaguest · November 1, 2011

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    You're probably totally 'weened out by now but I promise we're almost through it all. Sorry, we just really like to party and Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. So we bring you yet another weekend celebration, "Evil Loves to Party" at Glow Ultra Lounge in Marina Del Rey.

    While Downtown and Hollywood were popping off, over on the westside, DJs Aaron Colbert and Johnny James covered the decks at Glow for the lounge's most evil annual event. The spooky decorations were on point and we spotted some fantastic costumes. There must have been some steep competition in the costume contest for the cash money prizes.

    Check out our favorite special moments we captured from the night below:

    Do you see what's happening here? He is sipping that Corona with a straw through his Scream mask.

    Are you guys lighting farts on fire again? Grow up. Seriously. Just kidding, farts are hilarious.

    Ma'am those feathers are out of line blocking your friend's face like that. But you look great.

    The pimp and his geisha are talking shop.