Inside Homegrown Artist Sona Mirzaei's Solo Exhibition Opening Reception At Seyhoun Gallery

by Emily Green · December 12, 2011

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    We admit this town simply cannot resist any opportunity to have an awards show for anything in the arts (and I use that term loosely), regardless of its artlessness or how lowbrow it may rank. In fact, we even have a full-scale awards production to recognize the exceptionally inferior. But we have plenty of meritorious culture to balance out that nonsense, like Saturday night's opening reception for Sona Mirzaei's solo exhibition at Seyhoun Gallery.

    West Hollywood got a special dose of high culture over the weekend from acclaimed contemporary artist and native Angeleno Sona Mirzaei with the debut of her latest collection of painted works, Abstract Expressions. Seyhoun Gallery hosted an opening reception for friends and fans to get a first glimpse of her one-woman show which includes the most recent works from her In Search of Splendor series, as well as the never-before-seen Tales of Copenhagen series from her stay in Denmark. Guests admired Mirzaei's vast collection of both abstract and figurative mixed media works over cupcakes, hors d'oeuvres, wine and the live turntable stylings of DJ X-Vertigo.

    Mirzaei's solo exhibition, currently on display for all to see, runs through December 20th so go get some worldly insight (or bring someone you want to impress with your sophistication) and check it out at Seyhoun before it's too late.