Inside The Night Tap Launch Party At Las Palmas

by Emily Green · July 1, 2011

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    If you were one of the many who stepped out to tap that open bar party at Las Palmas Wednesday night, then you're probably well aware of the raging events to come from the newest source for nightlife deals in L.A. for your late-night escapades. Come see all the action and everything that went down inside Night Tap's grand launch party.

    Guests who stepped out for the event at Hollywood's Las Palmas on Wednesday were treated to a wild night of nonstop beats, live music, dancing and swag. Oh and did we mention the open bar? It was all thanks to Night Tap, the newly launched premium resource for discounts on local nightlife that enables you to get your party on at an affordable cost with its daily specials from top bars, venues, and events. Consider it your new best friend for a night on the town.

    The Night Tap launch set Las Palmas en fuego, drawing an attractive party-hungry crowd of young Angelenos (many of them GofG readers) who sipped on drinks and enjoyed all the party's special features. From a swank red carpet entrance to live painting by Carly Wise, a performance by The Rockstars, Jell-O shots, and swag bags filled with goodies from VeeV,Vitamin Water, Honest Tea, Pop Chips, Spaphile, plus Party Star Jel Shots and Night Tap gear. This also happened to be a Serato-free zone, with DJ Ted Hirsh keeping the crowd on the dance floor as he spun his vinyl-only set through the night. And In true L.A. fashion, a reality TV crew was also there capturing madness as they filmed a show we hear is supposed to be something like "Jersey Shore" meets "The Hills" (see, dreams DO come true!). So if you were there, you may have even landed your big TV debut. Mazel!

    With such an impressive inaugural party, Night Tap has certainly arrived on the scene in a big way, and it's safe to say that we're going to be seeing many more action-packed events from the Night Tap crew. So put on your most formal Los Angeles attire of plaid, jean cutoffs and mini-dresses and get ready to tap that right quick. Comprende?