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Dan Deacon Last night at the Sonos Studio on La Brea, a group of bugs put on a concert. Well, there were videos of a group of bugs putting on a concert. Music video filmmaker Tom Kuntz, best known for the "the man your man could smell like" Old Spice commercials, joined up with frenetic electronic musician Dan Deacon to launch "Bugs," a video art installation showcasing Sonos sound technology. Deacon and five of his friends wearing costumes designed by Kuntz had an electronic music jam while guests marveled at the insects rockin' out on all sides of them on plasma screens. "Bugs just seem blatantly better suited to play instruments than humans," said Kuntz. Um, sure. The launch event was a packed hit. For those who didn't make it there last night, keep clicking through the slideshow of photos for a look inside the event. And if you want to see the "Bugs" installation in person, it'll be up and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 12-6pm at the Sonos Studio until May 6th, so don't bug out and miss it!
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