Jacob Patterson And Sole Junkie Team Up For "Custom Kicks"

by Rachelle Hruska · February 22, 2010

    Mexican and sneakers. That is pretty much the chips I threw on the "positive" side of the "why you would move to L.A." scale (besides the weather and beach of course). And, on top of non-purposely foregoing a stop at an authentic taco truck, it seems I also missed this Custom Kicks event this Saturday. Jacob Patterson and Sole Junkie collaborated with fellow sneaker fans (is there a word for them? Sole Enthusiasts?) at Hammer Museum. But. The real question is, did any of the sneakers produced this last Saturday stand up to these "main lobsters" from our friend out east:


    A look at Sole Junkie and Jacob Patterson in action:


    More on the workshop:

    FREE Shoe Customization Workshop with shoe customization artists Jacob Patterson and Sole Junkie.

    16 participants and one pair of Nikes deconstructed into 16 pieces!

    Each selected participant will be given a piece of the deconstructed Nikes to prep and paint. Later, the individual painted pieces will be reconstructed into one pair of shoes. During the workshop, the artists will show their own work, talk to the participants one-on-one, show sped-up videos of their own process, and answer questions. Up to 25 additional people will be selected as onlookers.

    We wanna see your soles! Send me a photo of your favorite unique sneakers for a post later this week!