January Fest 2011 Invades The Smell

by guestofaguest · January 18, 2011

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    The stank was potent Friday night at The Smell's January Fest 2011 on Friday night. Just kiddinggggg. But there was a strong showing for music event that drew in young ruffians like these from all over the city:

    The event showcased local musical acts The Babies, Dunes, White Fence, DJ Yasmine Kittles, and the debut of NAR. We actually caught NAR's performance at BJ Panda Bear's wild birthday at La Boum over the summer, but she didn't have a band backing her that time.

    Despite the fact that there was no bar, and only coffee, skittles and veggie pie consisting the spread of offerings, January Fest was able to maintain its draw throughout the night—no small feat when your demo is jaded L.A. kids on a Friday night.